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Institute Of Ayurveda


*Quadra Institute of Ayurvedawas established by Ch. Harchand Singh Atma Ram Education Trust (established in the year 2010 ) and is spread over 7.5 acres of green environs,conceiving the idea of nurturing Indian System of Medicine in the state of Uttarakhand . Since then the institute has projected itself as a glittering star among the galaxy of different institutes of university by providing quality education and imparting sound ethical, medical culture to the budding students. Now it is a constituent college of Uttarakhand Ayurved University, Harrawala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

*The institute is recognized by the Department of Ayush, Government of India. The college offers 4-1/2 year’s degree course of Ayurveda (Ayurvedacharya) with a B.A.M.S. degree. A Rotating Essential Internship of one year duration follows the depicted period of this degree to augment clinical skills of the students.

* Well equipped laboratories, Experienced Staff of all subjects including Cadaver Dissection Hall and Modernized Pathology Laboratory are providing hands on classes for the students.

* A well maintained Air Conditioned & Wi-Fi Equipped Library with over 10,000 Classical Ayurveda and Modern Books are available with students for uplifting the education.

*A self regulated well-equipped Teaching Pharmacy unit to prepare various traditional and self formulated   Ayurvedic medicines for the hospital requirements. These medicines are prepared under the supervision of Ayurvedic experts.

*Herbal Garden with 185 species of medicinal plants is also a specific unit of the institute. These herbs are also being used by the teaching pharmacy.

*A 60 bedded hospital of the institute plays a pivotal role in imparting quality education to sharpen the clinical skills of upcoming Doctors. The hospital is potent in dealing with different emergencies round the clock apart from having OPD and IPD facilities with multi-specialty approach. The efficacy of the hospital is also enhanced by using various modern diagnostic tools i.e. ‘X’-Ray, U.S.G. ECG and Pathology Laboratory. The hospital has maintained its reputation as a referral centre of specialized myriad Ayurvedic treatment & various elective surgical procedures. Hospital is in process of increasing the no. of beds from 60 to 100.

*A well equipped computerized & air conditioned separate seminar hall with a sitting capacity of 200 persons is an integral part of the institution.

* Highly motivated, dedicated and highly qualified teaching faculties have always been a tenacious part of the institution and ever ready to guide and elite the student’s future with their visionary thoughts and deeds.

      *A beautiful Hostel for girls and flats for staff residence in the campus.


A rotatory essential internship of one year duration ( 6 months in the  Hospital attached to the  college & remaining 6 Months in any PHC/CHC/Rural hospital/District Hospital//Civil Hospital or any Govt. Hospital of modern medicine of the State ) follows the depicted Period of this degree to augment clinical skills of the students. Clinical Training of six/twelve months as the case may be in the Ayurvedic Hospital attached to the College will be conducted as follows -




Distribution of Six months

Distribution of Twelve months



2 months

4 months



1 Month

2 Month



1 Month

2 Month


Prasuti & strirog

1 Month

2 Month



15 Days

1 Month



15 Days

1 Month


       Six months training of internship will be carried out with an objective to orient and acquaint the intern with National Health Programs. The Intern will have to join in one of the following institutes for undertaking such training -

  • Primary Health Centre
  • Community Health Centre.
  • Any Hospital of modern medicine.
  • Any Ayurveda Hospital or Dispensary.